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Screen Capture Tool

Screen Capture Software with an elegant way to annotate, edit and organize your screenshots

How to take a screenshot?

Anrpro Screen Capture Tool can capture screen contents in three different modes. The buttons on the right-top corner corresponds to capturing of full-screen, rectangular portions of screen and windows of running programs. The dropdown list below the buttons are used to introduce delay in seconds before the screen contents are captured.

Modes of screen capture tool

1. Full-screen capture

Just the click of first button captures the full-screen as an image and loads into the editor. Do needed editing and click on Accept button in editor to save the image. The image will get added to the folder which was selected at the time of capture or to a new folder if selected folder was the root folder. The task bar will be captured if in the settings window the corresponding check box is kept checked.

Screen capture tool settings

2. Capture rectangular portions of screen

Clicking on the middle button allows users to select a rectangular portion on the screen to be captured. This mode of capture can be combined with time delays to capture controls like expanded menus or dropdown lists. The selected region is captured as an image and gets loaded into the editor for editing and saving.

Screen capture program windows mode

3. Capture Windows of running programs

The third button is used to capture the Windows of running applications. Hovering over open windows highlights them and a click on the desired window captures it as an image for subsequent editing and saving.

Screen capture program windows mode

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