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Screen Capture Software with an elegant way to annotate, edit and organize your screenshots

Change log for Anrpro Screen Capture Tool

Product version (latest): 1.4.0
Changes: New improved User Interface,
Shadows for shapes, lines and annotation text is now optional,
Change in user license agreement to make Anrpro Screen Capture Tool free for personal as well as commercial use

Product version: 1.3.0
Changes: New Cut tool is added in the Screenshot Editor,
Drop shadow for all shapes, lines and annotation text

Product version: 1.2.0
Changes: Optional arrowhead for Lines,
Highlight now uses coloring instead of translucent overlaying,
Bug fixes related to following errors:
1) Blurring of images when pasting them into editor,
2) Missing code for resizing image in terms of percentage,
3) Drawing text with fill-color and then without fill-color was causing error

Product version: 1.1.0
Changes: Performance Improvements and some minor bug fixes

product version: 1.0.0
Changes: N.A. (Release version)

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